Our strategic process delivers distinctive and memorable solutions

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Our strategic process delivers distinctive and memorable solutions

Naming/ Tags/ Positioning Project Objective:
Develop copy that reflects the strategic aims of the business

Name criteria:
sed to evaluate. A typical list usually includes legibility, ownabilty, relevance, availability, positioning and competitors. The criteria is used to see if the new name reflect the brand and business strategy. 

Create name themes:
Define 6 conceptual thematic directions. Exploration of existing category descriptors.
A cross section of names will be presented that include literal, abstract and emotive solutions
Create shortlist 1-2 preferred names per theme (8-12 names) based on brief.

Rationale for each name.
Apply names to generic communications.
Long list also included

Preferred option – rationale explaining why.
Nomenclature – naming structure for organisation, in context to brand architecture

Preliminary check completed by Lucas. URL availability. Google check.
Language check, multi language capabilities
Ease of use (spelling and pronunciation)
Comparison against direct competitors

Final legal check completed by independent lawyers. 

New brand name