Client: Aerobu
Scope: Social content strategy and digital campaigns
Aerobu Influencers Content and campaigns

User Generated influencer campaigns develops community support from digital  influencer. Content is supported through FB and Instagram custom audience campaigns.

User Generated Reviews


Beautiful quality mattress
Written by Marissa Charles on 18th May 2018

I love this cot mattress and wish I’d had one for my older boys when they were babies. It’s easy to wash with the removable cover and super breathable. Of course it’s comfortable too (I had a little test drive!)


Best baby mattress on the market
Written by sam walker on 2nd May 2018

I can’t believe we never had one of these first time around. It is so nice and light and perfect for the hot humid weather up here in Mackay. My son is not waking up sweaty and over heated like before and I love that you can remove the cover to wash it!


so comfortable
Written by shakila on 16th Feb 2018

my baby is comfortable I am comfortable she is happy I am happy as a mother I would recommend this product for all the caring mothers


So good
Written by Sleeping beauty on 11th Jan 2018

Best idea for babies ever. So comfortable and breathable.. My baby used to wake up at night due to being too hot and uncomfortable. With this mattress, no such issue. A good night’s sleep also keeps my baby in a good mood the next day!