Client: Bremworth
Scope: Brand strategy, brand design, brand management, advertising campaing, creative direction for the brand
Bremworth “Lets Go Good Together”

Bremworth Manifesto:

Good things go together. Like time honoured traditions and innovative thinking.
A knowledge that natural is best and the vision to use it well.Like compassion and leadership. To care about your actions and to be a champion of good.
Like a makes sense philosophy and make it right conviction.
To us partnerships of mutual respect are everything.
Beneficial symbiotic relationships, for the good future of all.
That’s why we partner our ethical principles, with the use of the natural miracle fibre, New Zealand wool.
We combine our love for family, with creating safer and more sustainable homes. Our passion for making the new with the insight of leading designers.
At Bremworth we know good things go together and good relationships will change our future.
Connecting with the hearts and minds of our customers is fundamental to choosing and transforming our collective future.
We invite you to join us on the journey of care, to find a better way.
To unite with us, to say that natural matters. Let’s go good together.

Solution: Bremworth share price has increased 113% since engaging Lucas on brand