Client: InaCash Indonesia
Scope: Brand strategy, brand design, brand management
InaCash “Think smart. Pay different”

Background: InaCash enables multi platform payments. It’s a transparent payment platform powered by blockchain technology. InaCash in Indonesia;s central payment gateway for blockchain payments. Using InaCash customers and businesses can send money faster, safely and economically. The InaCash platform has been designed to protect users against hackers. InaCash is Indonesia’s first Blockchain-based digital rupiah payment system. The system helps to protect Indonesia’s digital sovereignty. The InaCash app and platform is active.Due to InaCash’s transparent and robust security powered by blockchain technology- InaCash is supported by the Indonesian government. InaCash is owned by PT Lentera Digital Global. PT Lentera Digital Global is the first blockchain lab set up in Indonesia. Lentera is currently developing a range of blockchain products. The initial app will be launched in Indonesia with pipeline expansions planned internationally.

Solution: This project as part of the InoCycle IPO and brand launched on the Indonesian Stock Exchange in 2019. Full case study images coming soon