Services:  Brand Names, brand architecture, product naming systems, copyright and registration, taglines and positioning. Availability checks / variant Language variants and IP consultation with legal (international / domestic)
We develop brand names that reflect the strategic objectives of your business. We’ve launched new names for some of Australia’s and the regions largest brands. Our experience also includes developing names for some of South East Asias most exciting start ups. Our taglines and positioning have been used by leaders of industry and Prime Ministers.

Brand names
Brand Positionings
Our brand positionings become a central driver for the brand and organisation. Our strategy was for the Lowy Cancer Centre brand was focused on hope, an idea briefed into the Prime Minister of the day, Kevin Rudd. The theme was used as part of Rudd’s speech, he also reinforced 0ur brand idea of ‘making your mark’ on cancer at the launch. Case study
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