Client: PlasticPay Indonesia
Scope: Brand strategy, brand design, brand management
Background: Lucas was enaged by Lentera Digital in Jakarta to develop the PlasticPay brand and app.

About: PlasticPay ‘Collect Bottles. Get Rewarded’
 Like all really big ideas, it sounds simple. Collect bottles, get rewarded. But PlasticPay is a recycling rewards programme unlike any other – it motivates and financially empowers people and businesses who participate. PlasticPay is also a revenue generator for our merchant business partners. And will be a welcome source of income for millions of ordinary Indonesians. ABottles are collected. The collectors are rewarded. Pollution is turned into cash and credits, and the waste plastic itself is processed and re-used, with much of it literally leaving Indonesia for overseas markets.

The PlasticPay platform: PlasticPay an idea developed in Indonesia, using Indonesian technology, for the benefit of all Indonesians. It’s a 360 solution, with defined captive audiences at every stage, and seamless execution. The PlasticPay platform is based around fast, reliable and locally owned blockchain system Inacash. It’s transparent, traceable and direct. The PlasticPay app allows payments for collecting waste PET bottles to go directly and immediately to the collectors, who’ll be able to use their PlasticPay credits with partner merchants – reducing the cost of goods and services and some regular household bills. Everything is transacted securely through the app.

Solution: This project was part of Jakarta Stock Exchange IPO and brand launching in June. The launch has been successful to date, the share price rose 52% in the first 2 days