Client: Mike’s Kitchen
Scope: Art Direction, Design, Print, By client, Brand strategy, Brand design and brand management
Background : Mike’s Kitchen is a Gold Coast based family restaurant, famous (locally) for it’s pork rib dishes. Mike’s Kitchen wanted to grow the business by nationally franchising the brand.
Solution : Lucas Melbourne was asked to update the flagship store brand identity. Our solution considered how ‘Mike’ could be leveraged. In the future our work will be used and applied to franchisees and products in the future for other franchisees. Eating at Mike’s Kitchen is a no fuss experience. Customers come for the pork ribs, that’s what they love.

Staff pride their service on being personal. The new identity reflects this experience, its direct, friendly and focuses on Mike’s most popular dish – ribs. This identity was part of a brand strategy, brand design and brand management program completed by Lucas Melbourne.

Mike’s Kitchen won an AGDA identity award in 2013.