Client: Other projects (various)
Scope: Art Direction, Design, 3D | Environment
Background: Trade shows are expensive. They can be a logistical nightmare. Dealing with local suppliers from another country can be a challenge. Often contractors just don’t appreciate your production expectations for quality. Just getting your key staff to in another country for a few days is next to impossible. And getting the company who builds the project to understand the vision for the brand…well, lets be honest, that doesn’t happen.
Steps : Our understanding of brands delivers design driven results. We don’t mark up production, our process is developed around creative solutions (not building techniques) Multi angle 3D architectural renders developed in concept and design development stages, images allow you to understand the space before the build. 3D Rendered videos available on request. Proven track record with multinational clients. Select from our established, best in class, partner contractors.

Results : Lucas has successfully designed and managed trade shows for international clients in the following locations: Australia, Singapore, Indonesia and The Philippines. Our design systems have been rolled out across cities North America. Over the next year  we have pipeline projects in across the Asia Pacific, U.S, China and Europe.