Client: Urecel QuickDry, Indonesia. ‘The Inside that’s unbeatable outside’
Scope: Design, Strategic positioning, Co-branding with international partners, Print, Product authentication, Brand architecture and Brand expression
Background : The video is part of a rebranding project created by Lucas Melbourne for Urecel QuickDry Jakarta. The project included: Urecel QuickDry is a global leader in reticulation and impregnation technologies. Based in Indonesia, the product is truly international.
Solution :¬†Lucas Melbourne was invited to Jakarta to rebrand Urecel QuickDry. Our program included defining target groups, strategic positioning, co-branding with international partners, naming, product authentication, brand architecture and brand expression. The new brand established a direct relationship with the parent company, Urecel. The new graphic language also highlighted that Urecel is the ingredient of all QuickDry products. Our brand solution differentiates the product range against inferior overseas competitor brands that falsely claim to have the same functional attributes. Brand Messaging encourages customers to question if there’s Urecel QuickDry inside. Urecel QuickDry is now reclaiming their position as the original and genuine QuickDry foam. The brand has a presence across America, South Africa, Mauritius, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Guangzhou, Vietnam, Shanghai, The Philippines, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, France and Poland.