• Experts in the first stages of brand development

    Brand creation and management.

  • Trade show and event specialists

    Architecturally designed temporary spaces.

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  • Certified digital advertising agency

    Google Adwords, Facebook / Instagram ads and Social Content Strategies.

    Most of the companies we work with have successfully created and launched their brands using traditional marketing methods like print, radio or TV. Yet they haven’t figured out how to take the next step with digital tools like web, social media, video, paid digital advertising and search optimisation. We work with best-in-class partners like Google. For years we’ve been helping businesses put the power of digital marketing to work.

You’re In Great Company

We’ve been lucky enough to work with some of the best companies in the world, and we’d love for you to join the list.


We achieve results through direct creative and client relationships. A simple but effective methodology, designed to achieve results  – not drawn out processes. Our stages:

1. Think

We work with clients to identify relevant content and opportunities. Services: Creative Briefs, Brand Blueprints, Brand Architecture, Digital Insights, Naming and copy, Keyword Plans

2. Design

Digital assets, developed for a digital age. Branded spaces developed for engagement and recall. Services: Brand ID and templates, Communication Guidelines, 3D architectural modelling, UI and UX design

3. Build

Our concepts flourish through production. Services: Web sites, Online shops, Motion Video, Email marketing, Trade Shows and Events, Packaging, Print, POS

4. Promote

We drive new customers to your business, on a budget that works for you.
Services: Google Adwords, Facebook & Instagram Ads, Social Content and Campaign Analytics

  • We partner with with manufacturers to  launch new companies and products

    Lucas has launched two new Proprietary Limited companies. We work with partners in Australia, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Los Angeles. If you are Asian manufacturer looking to expand into western markets talk to us today.

  • Surrounding Australia

    A pioneer of online retail, Surrounding introduced ecommerce to the designer furniture category in Australia.

    We partnered with our partner in Los Angeles to introduce Surrounding to Australia. Surrounding has grown into one of Australia’s largest online retailers with over 1800 products and over 10,000 transactions. In 2017 Surrounding extended its offer into traditional retail opening a showroom on Chapel Street, Windsor

  • Aerobu Cot Mattress

    Better airflow for a better sleep

    Made from the highest quality premium materials, Aerobu utilises advanced sleep technology, developed specifically for babies. It’s engineered to enhance airflow and reduce heat for a cooler, more comfortable sleep.

    We partner with an Indonesian manufacturer and Hong Kong financier to launch the mattress in 2017. Aerobu now has a collection of products and has customers across Australia. Aerobu will launch across Indonesia, South Korea, Japan and Hong Kong late 2018

  • Miolujo Outdoor Strcuture

    The Miolujo Pavilion is taking outdoor structures to a new level of pure innovation and unlimited flexibility. The ingenious design allows a Miolujo module to be quickly prefabricated, flat-packed and shipped quickly. Lucas partnered with an Indonesian manufacturer to launch the structure at the Singapore yacht show. The pavilion is available for purchase online in Australia and Indonesia.

  • Product design

    We continue to work with our partners developing new product

  • CushionCentre

    Online cushion shop Australia and Indonesia

    The Cushion Centre services custom outdoor and marine cushions for commercial and consumer customers from Australia and Indonesia. They also service manufactures sourcing Sunbrella in Indonesia and across Europe. CushionCentre has representatives across Europe.

    Lucas partnered with an Indonesian manufacturer to launch the online platform.

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